We currently offer all our clients web hosting packages. We also offer domain registration for a flat rate. Due to the need to understand what type of website and the traffic we will be accompanying it is hard to give a rough estimate without consulting first. We offer a general hosting option that will meet the needs of most clients. If larger servers are needed than the price is subject to change accordingly. We accommodate all clients with the right server hosting solutions. We also work on websites that we do not host. If you have your own hosting plan elsewhere we are more than happy to work with that (Although it may incur additional fees and time). We also offer a temporary hosting option on our domain name under a link such as: aandcmediaconsulting.com/client##. We will host it temporarily for 30 days so the client can get a feel for the website before we go live with it. The consultation is free and we are glad to answer any and all questions you might have.

Email Address: With the purchase of a hosting plan you also get your own personal email address's at your domain name. For example if your website is XandYmediaspecialists.com you would get whateveryoulike@XandYMediaSpecialists.com